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News & Updates

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News and Updates

New ReKoner Alert!

(and you get to celebrate along with me! Read till end!)

I’ve been keeping this secret for about a month now, leaving little hints here and there for you, and it is finally time…
I am SO excited to announce *drum roll please*
that I am joining the ReKon Productions team as…
Director of Brand Strategy!

First, let me tell you about ReKon. At its core, ReKon Productions shares stories and embodies the spirit of storytellers. We embrace the many forms story can take and the collaborative journey of creating and crafting stories.
ReKon Productions is an established production company providing production services, equipment and studio rentals for an array of media projects, as well as matching knowledge, skill, and personality, together with creativity, to produce highly successful projects. We have worked with over 650 clients over the past 9 years and our headquarters, affectionately known as ReKon HQ, is in Culver City, California.

SO HOW DOES KATHY SUE FIT IN, aside from “very easily, she’s tiny, you can put her anywhere”?!
As Director of Brand Strategy, I will generate the strategy to grow the brand’s reputation, improve client experiences and drive growth.

Content! Partnerships! Livestreams! Amplifying social media! Another Buzzword!

I will be working closely with our Director of Creative Development, Jon Blue, imagining innovative ideas to get our brand out there and introduce more of you lovely humans to ReKon so that we can, as a recent partner shared with our COO, Lesley Lopez, “help make *your dreams come true.”

At the end of the day, we at ReKon, myself included, are here to help.
Whatever you need on the production end of things, we are your… ReKon-naissance team. (Get it?)

I excitedly bring to ReKon, my years of content, marketing and production experience with companies/creators/non-profits such as: Taryn Southern, Smosh/Smosh Games, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, FOX, The QYOU, and many many others. Feel free to check out my IMDB and YouTube Page. (And follow me everywhere on social media @kathysue17!)

We will be partnering with creators, non-profits, local Culver City companies, and more indie filmmakers than ever before… AND building flourishing relationships with the surrounding community through workshops and other edutainment opportunities in new and fun ways..
Maybe there will be a party? Maybe there will be… PUPPIES?
(There will for sure be both.)

So, this is where we get to YOU.
To celebrate this awesome new team I’ve joined, ReKon’s CEO, Jon Michael Kondrath, would like to offer a “Friends of Kathy Sue” deal.

Let’s just call it the “FOKS” deal, cuz you’re such a foxy-souled human.

For the next month or so (we will work with your timelines), if you need production help, equipment or studio rental, or anything under the ‘content creation’ sun, GIVE US A CALL!
(Or email or tweet)
Say you are a Friend of Kathy Sue and one of our amazing team members will give you a good deal.

And maybe if you ARE a friend of Kathy Sue, and we haven’t talked in a while, hit ME up directly! I would love to help you out with any project you’ve got going on, whether it’s me helping personally, or connecting you with the right human that CAN help you.

Here to help.
Kathy Sue Holtorf

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