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Ensure the Best Tools for Your Creative Vision

We support your storytelling with state-of-the-art gear, empowering your production and fueling your creativity.

Gear Rentals

Camera, Grip, Lighting, Production

ReKon Rentals is your go-to source for a diverse range of film production equipment rentals, from cameras, grip, lighting, and audio gear, to production and set essentials. We take pride in delivering personalized, concierge-level service, going above and beyond to source any equipment you need and ensuring it's ready for pickup. Our Rental Specialist would be happy to quote out your project – no list is too big or too small; from a feature film production package to one C-Stand, we are here to help you share your stories.

Camera, Grip, Lighting, Production
What’s New? Aputure

What’s New?

We are excited to announce that ReKon Productions has recently acquired Aputure lighting products, including the Light Storm 1200d, Light Storm 600x, and B7c RGB light bulbs!

Aputure is a leading brand in the film and video production industry, known for their innovative and high-quality lighting equipment. Their products have become a go-to choice for professional filmmakers and videographers.  ReKon Productions, with their commitment to quality and innovation in production, has recognized the value of Aputure’s lighting equipment and has made the decision to invest in their products.

The Aputure 600x is a reliable, versatile, and powerful LED light with a high output, 5,610 lux at 3 meters with the hyper reflector, making it one of the most powerful LED lights in its class.  The 600x has a color temperature range of 2700K-6500K.

The Aputure 1200d is a powerful LED light with an output of 83,100 Lux at 3 meters with the hyper reflector (almost 15 times the power of the 600x).  The output is comparable to a 1600W HMI.

Camera Rentals

Camera Rentals

ReKon’s in-house camera rental service focuses on the Canon line of cameras, featuring the Canon C300 Mark II. If you are looking for more robust options, such as ARRI or RED cameras, we can have those prepped and ready for you through our network of vendors.  Our camera support offers a substantial inventory of monitors, including the Atomos Shogun Inferno HDR monitor/recorder and the Teradek Bolt Cube for wireless and offsite video monitoring/streaming.

Lighting Rentals

ReKon is a sustainable company that works tirelessly to bring environmentally friendly equipment and practices to set. The core of ReKon’s lighting division is energy-efficient LED lighting.In addition to our suite of MoleLED lights and Aputure Light Storms, we carry bi-color and full RGB LiteMats and RGB Geminis to provide a variety of color temperatures to match your shooting environment. Our rainbow Astera Titan Tubes and Quasar Rainbow lights feature pixel-mapped color programming.  Our LED sources provide versatile, lightweight, energy-efficient light for any shoot.  We also carry traditional tungsten lights, Kino-Flo, and HMI fixtures (including Jokers and an M18).

Grip Rentals

Grip Rentals

ReKon Rentals carries a full inventory of grip equipment, including a full 1.5 Ton Grip Package.  We have all bits and pieces needed to suit all your grip needs – including flags, 6×6 and 8×8 overheads, C-stands, combo stands, speed rail, sandbags, and apple boxes.  If you need a piece of equipment to grip something, we have you covered.