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Become Part of The Narrative

Step into the world of media production with us. Your creative journey starts here.

Internship - Become Part of The Narrative

ReKon Productions takes production interns during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.


ReKon Production interns have the opportunity to be exposed to different types of projects (feature films, music videos, web series, commercials, and more) and the ability to gain hands-on experiences on set. Additionally, as a daily functioning production company with a team of producers, our interns are presented with a chance to learn from a variety of unique experiences (as everyone has their own projects going at the same time). ReKon Productions also provides a foundation for how to run and maintain a production office, from call sheets to budgets, to project documentation, equipment rentals, and so much more. Our internships are perfect for individuals looking for a wide range of experiences in one place.

Our Interns have a variety of tasks assigned to them, some listed below:

+Project Research (Location, Fees, Costumes, Props, Crew, etc).
+Script Coverage
+Social Media updates and presence (Twitter/ Blog/ Tumblr/ Facebook)
+Production Support (on set and in the office)
+Administrative Support
+Equipment Rentals


+Should be interested and willing to learn Film/ TV industry (including the new media frontier)
+Excellent Communication Skills: verbal and written.
+Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
+Knowledge of social media is a plus.

Application Period:

For Spring 2020, Nov. 19th – December 16th
Interviews taking place during the third week of December.

To Apply:

Email a cover letter and resume to

Become Part of The Narrative