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About Us

About Us - Rekon Production

Jon Blue

Director of Creative Development
ACT ONE: Exposition

Jon Blue, an Adventure Time super fan often found with his magical dog and talking about old movies, is currently Director of Creative Development at ReKon Productions. As DCD, Jon oversees creative development of all internal ReKon projects as well as providing consultation to external projects. He has streamlined the creative process for the company and has brought consistency to the ReKon voice.

Blue holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Television Critical Studies from the University of Southern California.

ACT TWO: Origin Story

Many moons ago, Jon moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California’s prestigious film program, a long-time dream of his. That sprung him into various positions in Hollywood, where he cut his teeth in development and production. Since then, he has worked on a variety of commercials, shorts, branded content, music videos, and web series for ReKon. Blue's prior stops were in Paramount’s licensing division, development for Sony Pictures Television, and Post Production Sound for Sony Pictures Studios.

ACT THREE: Meet-Cute

Blue joined ReKon Productions in 2012, assisting in the production of the short Android. He met Jon Kondrath at USC film school, where Kondrath would regularly beat him in Super Smash Bros. They kept in touch after graduating, and Blue eventually joined the ReKon family.

Produced By Blue