The Power of the “Hold” Button

By ReKon Intern On Tuesday, September 23 rd, 2014 · no Comments · In , , , ,

IMG_1339Phones, am I right?

They can be used to make calls, receive calls and recently I’ve come to discover  to put people on hold. I have learned the power of the hold button.

We’ve all been on the other line of this torturous wait. Counting the pointless hours until you get to talk to the supervisor and ask that simple question that will take them maybe a minute to answer. Don’t even get me start on that on-hold music, that’s not helping.

Well, I’m here to tell you that being on the power side of the “hold” button is invigorating. I assure you that when you call ReKon, I’ll do my best to limit your time on hold, but just know that it’s giving me a certain pleasure to have that power.

The downfall is that these tables don’t just turn once they’re rotating constantly. This past couple of weeks I’ve made a ton of calls to a ton of people and waiting for answers seems to be a common factor. In the process of trying to set up the recycle bin system (because ReKon is environmentally responsible), figuring out a location for a new shoot, as well as, trying to get replacement parts for equipment, I’ve heard elevator music and computer automated voices telling me how wonderful the company putting me on hold is. If only we could pick what we could hear during these wasted moments that would be a world where phone calls would be a little more enjoyable. I’m just saying.

written by Karen Rich.