ReKon Productions does ALS Ice Challenge!

By Lesley On Monday, August 25 th, 2014 · no Comments · In , ,

Last week, producer Allison Scott challenged ReKon Productions to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenged.

Our producers (Jon Michael Kondrath, John Thomas Schrad, Kristina Kondrath and Lesley Lopez) all decided to donate to different ALS organizations AND accept the challenge!

Watch our video:


In true production company fashion ReKon completed the challenge by assembling a crew, setting up a schedule, writing a script, and setting up equipment (yes, plural – 4 cameras and a light among a few other things). We even set out to capture all the moving parts and created a behind the scenes short!

Check out the Behind the Scenes of our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Be sure to check out other updates about ALS, our Ice Bucket Challenge and some of other favorite Ice Bucket Challenges on our Tumblr Page. #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS