On Set: “Infectious Laughter”

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Recently, I had the opportunity to work on the set of the ReKon Spec Commercial Infectious Laughter.

That morning, traffic was pretty bad but I mean what else could we expect before 9am, on a week day, in Los Angeles?

It was a good thing I was meeting Lesley at the ReKon office before my call time.   I was immediately made responsible for getting an apron and a table cloth for set.

Our filming location was at Unurban Coffee House in Santa Monica and I showed up with a Starbucks vanilla latte in hand (I know embarrassing!!). I was unaware that one side of the shop was open for business, so of course, I finished it as quick as I could to get rid of that Starbucks cup. I was directed to organize the set and dress the counter (a back counter we were dressing to be a front counter) to make it look more realistic. When filming began, I was able to sit back and admire the creative individuals working towards making their idea come to life.

When you think of infectious laughter, what comes to mind? Well that’s exactly it, one person laughs and everyone starts joining. Think of it as sixty seconds of a guy at a coffee shop laughing uncontrollably and everyone joining in, not able to stop. Now, imagine watching it over and over again.

This was my first on set experience with ReKon. I learned the ropes of production with a side of learning car makes and models every two hours (2 hour parking). It was pretty funny. Other people’s laughter always gets to me. It was also interesting to realize the difference between a live broadcast to a commercial shoot.

Overall, good day, full of laughter.

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Written by Valerie Kenol