Meet Spring Intern: Brandon Freiberg!

By Lesley On Wednesday, April 09 th, 2014 · no Comments · In ,

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Brandon Freiberg is a graduating Senior from California Lutheran University.  Brandon’s anticipated diploma is with a Major in Communication with an emphasis in Film and Television Production; with a Minor in Theatre Arts.

He enjoys long walks on the beach and eating and sleeping; often simultaneously. If left to his own vices, Brandon would drink milkshakes and eat snickers all day. However, since evil exists in the world in the form of calories, Brandon chooses to do other things with his life; such as pursuing production.

Brandon’s experience in the entertainment industry stems from his love of acting. His love of acting led to a love of improvisation; taking improv classes at UCB and at the Groundings. He was an extra once or twice, in some things you probably never seen.

This love of acting led to casting, which led to directing, and now leading to producing. Brandon is so extremely excited to be part of a production team and cannot wait until he gets to do some “cool producer things.”