Look TV’s: My Domain with Taryn Southern

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My Domain with Taryn Southern

A few months ago, under the director Scott Brown and producer Dylan Sachse, ReKon joined the team behind Look TV’s newest web series. The show is reminiscent of MTV Cribs, and follows YouTube personality Taryn Southern as she visits other popular YouTubers homes.

The shoot was full of new experiences for everyone involved. Our YouTube veterans were surprised at how quick a crew worked with all our equipment. While I was awed by the sheer volume of material each YouTuber produced. It was like re-learning all the realities of filmmaking, but this time for YouTube. As I listen to the guests and our host speak about their previous experiences, their upcoming shoots and how they dealt with their day-to-day traffic it became apparent how easily production changes to adapt to each medium. Each “domain” we visited came equipped with it’s own production company – a living room full of props, or a corner full of camera and lighting equipment. Every person had a different routine, a different process for creating and then posting videos. But in the end one thing was definitely clear, whether you are shooting in front of an Irish Castle with just you and a camera or on the backlot of Universal Studios, it’s all about how well you prepare and plan!

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