Do You Know Summer Intern: Derrick Charleston

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Derrick received a Bachelor of Arts in RA/TV and has worked in the television industry in some capacity for many years.  While still in college, he started volunteering at the largest church in Iowa doing video production where he gained lots of experience working his way up to director.

After graduating, Derrick worked at the local stations doing everything from master control to studio camera operation.   In 2000, he went on the road with NEWSBOYS for the Love, Liberty, Disco tour where he worked as a roadie.  In 2001, Derrick moved to Orlando, FL to work as a Talent Coordinator for a modeling company.  After a year in Florida, Derrick went on tour again, this time as a Merchandise Manager for the Festival Con Dios Tour.

Soon after the Festival Con Dios tour, Derrick taught middle school for several years before moving to the high school level.  In addition to teaching, Mr. Charleston also helps out as a video director (video production) directing LIVE and unedited content for First Orlando, a 12,000 member church in Orlando, FL.  His work can be seen live, on line, and on several stations in Orlando.