Casting: Infectious Laughter

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Preparing for my first day at ReKon the night before. I hear: Bleep Bloop.

An email notification, I wonder if it’s my mom. Oh! It’s ReKon, and I’m going to casting auditions tomorrow. How exciting!

Instead of meeting at the office, I met Lesley at CAZT. CAZT is a really cool service where you can use space in their building to hold casting auditions for free. They provide you with an iPad to record each audition and the iPad runs off of CAZT’s own app as well. What’s the catch? You are required to schedule some of their actors. Is this a bad thing? Not at all, the actors I saw were quite talented.

This was a casting audition unlike any other I’ve ever been apart of. For this audition there was no dialogue, just laughter. We took three actors at once for auditions so they could play off each other’s energy. To help out I was running the iPad and at times I joined the actors. Auditioning for me, however short lived, was very fun and I might audition for roles in the future.

Ryan and April

 Photo of Ryan Harvey Pearcy and April Moreau during their audition. 2014.

I was surrounded by laughter for a total of four hours that morning. If you ever get a chance to experience something similar take advantage of it, because it is a great way to kick start your day.

Be sure to stay tune for more on the project Infectious Laughter, a ReKon Productions spec commercial.

written by James Majeau