An Apprentice Mind Reader

By ReKon Intern On Wednesday, October 22 nd, 2014 · no Comments · In , , ,

Setting the stage:

The alarm clock goes off  much earlier than you would hope, yet today you don’t have much of an issue with it, because today you are accompanying many as we embark on the journey to set.

On set, my role was your all around Production Assistant, PA for short. Being a PA is much like an apprentice mind reader,  trying to figure out things that people will need before they even know they need it. I’m still practicing this technique, so for now I just settle on asking people what I can do to help.

One of the shoots that I helped Kristina out with was called, “Blessed.” I was invited to join the crew at ReKon Studio to see how the sound stage could be transformed into a lovely baby’s nursery. Every detail put in perfect order (and hopefully keeping with continuity) as shots were taken and camera angles adjusted.

At first, I lent a hand to the art department hanging up pictures in the pretend, yet realistic looking hallway and arranging different items for the baby’s room. All in all the set was an impressive one.


After these set tasks, I helped Kristina get some paperwork in order. Later, I rounded out my day with the adventure of getting C-47s, or clothespins, as they are also known. This was not a short run. I began this journey rather hopefully and on foot, yet every place I checked out near by didn’t seem to have what was needed. Until the lucky fifth try, the hardware store so way out there, other less persistent C-47 hunters probably miss it. I got my exercise in for the day and learned about the different stores around the ReKon office, so if you ever need anything, just let me know.

From each set I help out on, not only do I arrive closer to mastering the art of mindreading, I also take into account the small lessons I’ve learned. For example, be ready for the unexpected. Make sure you’re willing to join any department on set. And in understanding the value of C-47s, know where the nearest store with clothespins is, especially if you’re making the journey by foot.

Written by Karen Rich