A Modern Love Story – The Director’s Experience

By Schrad On Monday, December 16 th, 2013 · no Comments · In ,

It all seems to happen rather suddenly once it has begun. What started as a “Hey, I can do that,” style statement, turned into a script in a day; casting, storyboards, and preproduction in a week, and a Spec Commercial shot in another dervish of a single day. This was one of those (almost) “ALL HANDS ON DECK” ReKon extravaganzas we only get to do so often, and not often enough.

ReKon Producer John Schrad, took off his producing pants for a few days to draw up some of those creative juices and direct A Modern Love Story for MoFilms’s Las Vegas 2014 commercial film festival. He teamed up with two of ReKon’s finest, Kristina and Lesley, who were wearing the aforementioned producer pants in this cinematic relationship. With them were old friends and colleagues, Caroline Post for Production Design, Mike Campbell for Cinematography, Dylan DoVale for our leading man, as well as new to the scene and fabulously talented C/Karissa’s. That’s right, two wonderfully talented women with the same name only slightly different spelling – Karissa Andrews for Makeup and Hair and Carissa Gatti as our lovely leading lady.

This was the commercial directorial debut for Schrad, who when quoted stated, “Why am I quoting myself, it’s late, and I’m the one writing this article,” but in all seriousness, the commercial was edited and sent to the competition to be judged and Schrad is hoping to place, and is excited to make more. It’s been too long since ReKon has gotten to do it’s own work on its own terms, and it is something we hope to strive for in the New Year.

Happy Holidays and we’ll see you strong bold and [hopefully-JMK] in a new office in 2014!