“7 on 10” Press – Interview with Samantha Lavin

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Indie It Press recently conducted an interview with writer/director Samantha Lavin about the film 7 on 10.

The author of the article comments on 7 on 10 and Samantha:

A main theme in “7 on 10″ is how addiction/alcoholism plays a huge role in women going in and out of prison.  This is not another spin on “Orange is the New Black”.  It stands alone in its realism.  I should also mention “7 on 10″ writer and director, Samantha Levin, has an incredible resume: CSI NY, SCRUBS, The L Word, and an award winning PSA against California’s Proposition 8.  Samantha is truly an inspiration and making a difference.  And now writer and director Samantha Lavin…

Follow the link to read the interview.

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