Our Mission

We believe in the Power of Story, to evoke feeling, inspire thought, and influence change.
We believe Story is a journey and we as Storytellers are the guides.
We create Stories fueled by inclusion and collaboration.
We create Story through production, unconstrained by media, genre, or technology.
We tell our Stories to immerse and transport audiences across time, space, and memory.
We tell others’ Stories by providing knowledge and resources to allow creators to unlock their imagination.
We are ReKon. We share Stories.

Our Team

Jon Michael Kondrath

Lesley Lopez

Jon Blue

Lisha Yakub

Peter Frintrup

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Director of Creative Development

Director of Sales and Distribution

Director of Post Production

Survives Production with lots of coffee and having Lesley there.

First Movie (remembers seeing): Backdraft

Survives Production entirely on large coffee, usually iced.

Formative Films (Inspiration): Back to the Future and Newsies

Survives Production armed with coffee.

Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time

Survives Production with Welch’s Fruit Snacks and, of course, COFFEE.

Favorite Film Poster: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Survives Production with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Favorite Trailer: Teaser for Twister. Bit dated but groundbreaking

Kristina Kondrath

John Schrad

Kathy Sue Holtorf



Director of Brand Strategy

Survives Production like almost all the ReKon crew, the answer is definitely coffee.

Favorite Childhood Movie: Close toss up between E.T. and of course The Goonies

Survives Production …since everyone took my answer (coffee), I’ll say wit and a smile.

Filmmaking Inspiration: Stanley Kubrick and Wong Kar Wai

Survives Production by keeping the big *picture* in mind + a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Favorite Viral Video: Highway Singalong, cuz it mine 😉

Our Directors

About ReKon Productions

ReKon Productions is an established production company providing production services, equipment and studio rentals to an array of media projects. Our business focuses on matching knowledge, skill and personality to creativity in order to successfully produce projects. Producing over 50 projects a year, encompassing a variety of narratives and a range of budgets from $10K to $5M, our company continues to diversify and expand our portfolio. As a team of in house and external producers our company promotes a community uniquely creating a trusted network of experienced crewmembers, vendors and resources.

ReKon Productions has achieved the Culver City Sustainable Business Program (CCBSB) Certification as well as membership to the California Green Business Network! The CCBSB certification is granted to businesses for sustainable behaviors such as: implementing practices and forming policies that reduce energy and water consumption, prevent pollution, diverts waste from landfills, and enhance social-responsibility. Here are a few of the things we at ReKon have implemented: installation of new low-flow toilets and high-efficiency aerators fitted on all sinks, annual charity and volunteer opportunities for our teams to engage with the local and greater community, and energy and water conservation prompts throughout our office. For more information please visit: Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Program or California Green Business Network