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About Us

About Us - Rekon Production

Kristina Kondrath

ACT ONE: Exposition

Kristina Marie Kondrath, a puzzle solving enthusiast whose travels are opportunities to drink more coffee, is currently a Producer at ReKon Productions. As a staff producer, Kristina focuses on commercial and music video projects.

Notable projects include feature film, Tilt (2017), which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.  Music videos with artists such as Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, and Ariana Grande. 

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with concentrations in Marketing and International Business and a minor in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California.

ACT TWO: Origin Story

Being a Southern California native, Kristina was interested in entertainment from an early age from staging puppet plays to writing scripts with her family to acting in school productions. While attending USC, Kristina worked at TrojanVision (the university television station) and was involved in their Production Group and was a manager for the USC Women’s Basketball team. After graduation, she started gaining experience by working on such projects as the Rachel Zoe TV segment “Mega Fashion” and the Chieftains/Los Tigres music video “Cancion Mixtecta”. Kristina has worked for notable brands including Doritos, BMW, Porsche, L’Oreal, Chase, Ray-Ban and Nerf. Before production, Kristina was an Account Manager with LA Sports Marketing and a Supervisor at Starbucks (further enhancing the coffee addiction).

ACT THREE: Meet-Cute

First meetings always depend on where the story starts. For Kristina, we could begin on the fateful day she met her older brother Jon which happened sometime after the theatrical release of the seminal masterpiece Goonies but before anyone ever saw Maverick or Goose fly F-14A Tomcats. Or it could be when Kristina first teamed up with her brother at ReKon Productions in 2010 on the web series Candy Girls. From Candy Girls (2010) to Johnny Hallyday’s Un Cri Music Video (2023).