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About Us

About Us - Rekon Production

Cristina DiCarlo

Operations Manager

ACT ONE: Exposition


Cristina DiCarlo, a single dog mom with a sarcasm problem, is currently the Operations Manager at ReKon Productions. As OM, Cristina helps to keep things in the office running. Whether this is keeping things organized or helping the office be Green.


Cristina also production coordinates on behalf of ReKon Productions. Notable projects include the documentary series Chasing Grace and the feature film A Moment for Love. Cristina also keeps pursuing her love of acting.


Cristina holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in International Relations with a focus in Communications from American University in Washington, D.C.


ACT TWO: Origin Story


It all started when Cristina became a rising starlet by landing the coveted role of “Little Girl” in a Burlington Coat Factory Commercial made for Mexico. From there she spent a year on the Upstate New York stage acting in plays such as Last of the Mohicans, New Jerusalem and A Shayna Maidel. It wasn’t long before she decided it was time to pursue her acting career across the country and moved to Los Angeles. The City of Angels opened up new possibilities and opportunities and Cristina found herself drawn into the industry. With her go-getting attitude, color-coding preferences, and legible hand writing it wasn’t long before she found herself in the production department.


ACT THREE: Meet-Cute


In 2018, Cristina was asked to be background at the stadium where Forest Gump was shot and she couldn’t refuse. Little did she know then that ReKon Productions was the production company responsible for the choreographed color guard performance she was believable enraptured with on set. She never even met or noticed Jon Michael Kondrath on the field in his COACH shirt or Lesley Lopez in the locker room behind her computer. Months later, Cristina walked into ReKon HQ to be handed a clipboard and location surveys by Lesley Lopez to canvas a neighborhood near Burbank High School. Though Cristina thought the interaction memorable, it may since have been discovered that Lesley may not have remembered her name. Thus, Cristina’s real ReKon meet-cute can’t be documented until January 2019 when she joined The Hyperions production office. From there her tenure at ReKon began and after several projects, Jon and Lesley decided to just hire her and stop using productions as an excuse to see her.

Produced By Cristina