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About Us

About Us - Rekon Production

John Schrad

ACT ONE: Exposition

John Thomas Schrad, an adaptable and passionate everyman, is currently a Producer (Physical Production Specialist) at ReKon Productions.  As a staff producer, John focuses on pre-production services such as budgets and schedules, as well as physical production traveling across the country making dreams a reality.

Notable producing projects include feature films Switched (2020), Eat with Me (2014)and For When You Get Lost.

John holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film Studies and in Studio Art with Illustration and Installation emphases from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

ACT TWO: Origin Story

Schrad started making movies in High School back in Nebraska and jumped around the Midwest before hitching a wagon out to Los Angeles.  Before ReKon Productions, he worked on such films as Shooting Henry Hill (2006), A Green Story (2012), Tblisi, I Love You (2014), and Lust for Love (2014). Outside of producing, John is an avid amateur hiker, a tabletop game designer, and an illustrator, having recently self-published his first children's book, A Kaiju Christmas.

ACT THREE: Meet-Cute

Schrad’s time in Los Angeles freelancing on the streets of the indie film scene led him down the road to working with Jon Michael Kondrath on the feature film Tentacle 8. From then beautiful friends and working relationships blossomed. Though the post-pandemic era has found Schrad freelancing more, he is always ready for the next great ReKon Production.