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When you are looking for a white cyc studio in Los Angeles, there are many things to consider. ReKon Studio’s convenient Culver City location provides not just a white cyc cove, but on-site equipment rental, a dedicated studio manager, and a variety of support spaces to accommodate projects of various sizes. Our cyc studio is air conditioned and fully soundproof, ideal for interviews, promotional video, EPK, photography, and more. Our experienced and professional staff is on hand to provide assistance tailored to your needs for a boutique shooting experience that sets ReKon apart.

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About Using a Cyc Wall

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Our cyclorama or “cyc wall” is a two walled cove background that creates the illusion of unlimited space by replacing the hard line of the horizon with a gentle curve. The cyc wall is painted a single color, in this case white, and has no corners; there is no reference point for depth, making it seem like there is no background at all. A white cyc wall is a useful background to get that infinite white void look (think the iconic Apple vs PC ad campaign) for interviews, still shoots, promotional video, EPK, fashion photography, music videos, commercials,  – any project where the subject takes center stage.  A white cyc wall can be lit as pure white or white shadows to give gray variations. ReKon Studio’s air conditioned, soundproof studio and convenient location make it one of the best cyc walls in Los Angeles, ideal for small, intimate, or high profile talent productions.

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If you are interested in our white cyc rental, please contact ReKon’s Studio Specialist. Our specialist will provide you with rental options specially tailored to suit your project’s needs. We have in-house gear rentals available for all your equipment needs, and can arrange to have the cyc pre-lit to your specifications.  We would be happy to schedule an appointment to show you our studio and walk you through the details of your next cyclorama rental.

“The stage (white cyc) was the perfect fit for my production and I look forward to return to ReKon in the future!”

– Brandon L.

How to Shoot on a White Cyc

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Shooting a clean, brilliant video on a white cyc is not difficult. Lighting the wall is just as important as lighting your subject in order to achieve the infinite white space look. Zack Arias’s video guide is a good place to get inspiration. Or check out The Beat’s blog with tips and video references. Scroll down for our quick tips on how to light and shoot on our white cyc cove.

Quick Tips on Shooting on a White Cyc Wall

  • Light the Cyc Wall with an even and spaced out spread.
  • Use soft light on your subject to avoid shadows.
  • Contrast on your subject is your friend – consider negative fill.
  • Avoid stepping on the white cyc floor. Use booties or furni pads to prevent footprints.

White Cyc Video Examples Shot at ReKon Studio

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