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Post Production and Editing

Once the cameras stop recording and production ends, post production, aptly named, begins.  The process of post production takes all the wonderful pieces crafted through camera movement, production design, actors, and costumes and puts the puzzle together through editing, sound design, color, and visual effects.  Post production allows the filmmakers along with a new team of creative professionals to complete the story started as words on a page, and plays a key role in the collaborative art of storytelling.  The ReKon Post team (editors, colorists, sound designers, post producers, graphic and visual effects artists) crafts, creates, and tell stories through the technical arts of the post process.

The ReKon Post team is headed by Post Producers Peter Frintrup and Mark Petro.

Learn more about the various stages of post production below.

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Video Editing

Just like writing the script, editing can craft the story or even be re-written with a talented editor and post producer. ReKon believes that editing plays a key role in the creative process and should be the culmination of all the parts that took place during development and production. Our editors are master story tellers to help creatives, brands, content creators, and fellow storytellers see their projects through to the finish line.

Writing, of course, is writing, acting comes from the theater, and cinematography comes from photography. Editing is unique to film. You can see something from different points of view almost simultaneously, and it creates a new experience.”

-Stanley Kubrick

Sound Design

The sound of the movie is often overlooked, but can breathe life into the world of the film, which would feel flat or lacking otherwise.  A full restaurant would feel deserted with the sounds of clinking forks and people talking.  Cleaning up dialog so actors can be heard clearly and cleanly.  What would Star Wars be without the unique and famous sound of the blasters?  Think of the role sound played in movies such as Baby Driver and A Quiet Place.  While the design of what you hear in those films is crucial to those stories, all projects benefit from thoughtful and purposeful sound editing and design.

The Technical

The ReKon Post team is experienced in all of the following software.


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Pro Tools
  • Avid Media Composer


  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • Toonz
  • Adobe Animate
  • Clip Studio
  • Blender

Graphics and VFX

  • After Effects
  • Mocha Pro
  • Cinema 4D
  • Photoshop

ReKon Post Team Work Samples


ReKon Post Team