New Form Incubator


Cast & Crew
Executive Producer: Kathleen Grace, Melissa Schneider, Manon Mathews, Jason Zumwalt
Creators: Manon Mathews, Jason Zumwalt
Supervising Producer: Matt Hoklotubbe, Laura Schwartz
Producer: Jon Michael Kondrath
Writers: Jason Zumwalt, Manon Mathews
Director: Jason Zumwalt
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Carolan
Starring: Manon Mathews, Jordan James Smith, Ione Skye, Travis William Harris, Oliver Vaquer

Production Company: New Form Digital, ReKon Productions
Production Type: Web Series Pilot
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed

Brielle (Manon Mathews), a model famous for her Instagram, good looks and sexy Snapchats, loses her famous boyfriend and most of her followers when the world discovers she’s a high school dropout. To get back the guy (and the fame), she goes back to school as a freshman at Chandler High. When she is finally forced to put down her phone, she just might learn that it’s not how the world looks at her that’s important, but how she looks at the world.

Anti-Social | New Form Incubator