New Form Incubator

Boy Toys

Cast & Crew
Executive Producer: Kathleen Grace, Melissa Schneider
Written & Created by: Sunny Tripathy
Producer: Laura Schwartz, Sunny Tripathy
Producer: Lesley Lopez
Director: Sunny Tripathy
Starring: Cody Ko, Amy Bailey, Alicia Urizar

Production Company: New Form Digital, ReKon Productions
Production Type: Web Series Pilot
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed

A group of attractive, charming but broke millennial dudes attempt to woo wealthy women in the hopes of changing their misfortune. Their leader and perpetual man-boy, Kyle (Cody Ko), is always looking for shortcuts in life. His latest shortcut? Win the affection LA’s most prominent women. But being a gold digger comes at a price, and for Kyle it could mean losing the love of his life.

Boy Toys | New Form Incubator