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Catching Faith 2: The Homecoming

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Cast & Crew

Director: John KD Graham

Writer: Alexandra Boylan & Andrea Polnaszek

Producer: Alexandra Boylan & Andrea Polnaszek

Line Producer: John Thomas Schrad

Director of Photography: Richard Galli

Production Designer: Andrea Polnaszek

Starring: Lorena Segura, Garrett Weston, Dariush Moslemi, Bethany Peterson


Production Company: Mustard Seed Entertainment, ReKon Productions

Production Type: Feature Film

Location: Louisville,KY

Status: In Theatres and VOD


Alexa Taylor put off restarting her career to care for her aging mother when her children went off to college. Her faith is tested when her mother takes a serious turn for the worse, her daughter, Ravyn, announces her engagement and her son Beau, has a career ending football injury. Alex is determined to be the best daughter to her mother and the best mother to her daughter, by agreeing to everyone’s demands. Will Alexa be able to meet the needs of her family without falling apart herself?

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