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Tag: ReKon Studio

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August 6, 2019

Chasing Grace: A First Time Experience

There’s a first time for everything and Chasing Grace would be my first official on-set experience for a film shoot….

February 28, 2017

ReKon Reports 02.28.17

If you have been following us on any of our social media this past couple of weeks, you have seen…

Jon Kondrath
January 24, 2017

ReKon Reports 01.24.17

One of the last projects of 2016 ReKon worked on was THE WIN. We were involved from the very beginning…

Jon Kondrath
December 7, 2016

ReKon Reports 12.07.16

In September, we welcomed Official Pictures into the ReKon Studio to shoot a short promotional video with ANTHONY BOURDAIN. Bourdain in…

Jon Kondrath
November 3, 2016

ReKon Reports 11.03.16

This past weekend, the ReKon team helped out filmmaker and Master’s Candidate Kija Manhare with her documentary AWAKENING THE GODDESS….

Jon Kondrath
October 21, 2016

ReKon Reports 10.21.16

DO NO HARM filmed this past weekend in the ReKon Studio with a packed house. The short film now enters post…

Jon Kondrath
October 23, 2015

30 For 30 Or Die – Farewell To The Stage

At the end of 2015, ReKon Studio (the stage at ReKon Productions) will be closing its large logo emblazoned double doors….

Jon Kondrath
March 6, 2015

Game Night Event On 3/7

I have had the pleasure of working with filmmakers Matt Hoklotubbe and Andrew Allen on a web series titled “Good…

John Blue
December 4, 2014

ReKon Studio: “Try This Instead”

The newest episode of Cameron Johnson’s web series Try This Instead was filmed at the ReKon Studio’s brand new white cyc.

Jon Kondrath
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