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August 6, 2019

Chasing Grace: A First Time Experience

There’s a first time for everything and Chasing Grace would be my first official on-set experience for a film shoot….

June 26, 2019

Dive Into Summer With Connie Zitle

Connie Zitle is born and raised in Downtown Los Angeles. Her interest in Film/T.V. production started with an assignment in…

ReKon Intern
June 21, 2019

Dive Into Summer With Tre’Shonda Sheffey

As a child Tre’Shonda was very inquisitive, had a desire to travel, learn about other cultures, enjoyed helping others and…

ReKon Intern
June 21, 2019

Dive Into Summer With Rory Macrae

Rory Macrae came over to the United States from Scotland; where he attended boarding school for the larger portion of…

ReKon Intern
September 2, 2014

Changing Season Welcome Fall Intern: Anne-Valerie

Journeying from afar, Anne-Valerie is a Haitian student completing her masters in Communication Management at the University of Southern California…

ReKon Intern
August 1, 2014

Our Intern: On The Set Of Play Date

What do you get when you mix together a heartwarming story about a young girl befriending a homeless woman, a…

ReKon Intern
June 23, 2014

Do You Know Summer Intern: Katie Barreira

Katie Barreira is a a fantastic addition to the ReKon family. Her zest and devotion-as well as her recent entrusted…

June 18, 2014

Do You Know Summer Intern: Derrick Charleston

Derrick received a Bachelor of Arts in RA/TV and has worked in the television industry in some capacity for many years. While still in…

April 9, 2014

Meet Spring Intern: Brandon Freiberg!

Brandon Freiberg is a graduating Senior from California Lutheran University. Brandon’s anticipated diploma is with a Major in Communication with an…

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