There’s an art and science to budgeting, and ReKon has mastered it. Whether you need a full break down of a low budget web series or a top sheet for a high budget feature, we can give you accurate numbers and assessment of your project.
We Specialize In: Union, non union, LA, Out of State, Feature, Web Series
Past Clients/Projects: Xia Ri Min, Glenbrook Studios, “Fear, Inc.”


Finding the right actors to breathe life into your characters can be difficult, so we’ve got the support to help you out. Space to hold your audition in, help posting breakdowns or running your casting session, or providing a space for actors to tape themselves for submitting, it’s all at ReKon.
We Specialize In: Casting Space, Auditions Tapes, Casting Support, Casting Breakdowns
Past Clients/Projects: “CandyGirls”, “Ask J”


We are experts in production, so pick our brains and get our thoughts on your project. We can offer advice, recommend what to watch out for, and hopefully set you on a path to bring your project to life.
We Specialize In: Physical production, LA filmmaking, production advice, pre-production
Past Clients/Projects: “Dating Daisy”

ReKon Productions is an established production company providing production services, equipment and studio rentals to an array of media projects. Our business focuses on matching knowledge, skill and personality to creativity in order to successfully produce projects. Producing over 50 projects a year, encompassing a variety of narratives and a range of budgets from $10K to $5M, our company continues to diversify and expand our portfolio. As a team of in house and external producers our company promotes a community uniquely creating a trusted network of experienced crewmembers, vendors and resources.