ReKon Productions is an established production company providing production services, equipment and studio rentals to an array of media projects. Our business focuses on matching knowledge, skill and personality to creativity in order to successfully produce projects. Producing over 50 projects a year, encompassing a variety of narratives and a range of budgets from $10K to $5M, our company continues to diversify and expand our portfolio. As a team of in house and external producers our company promotes a community uniquely creating a trusted network of experienced crewmembers, vendors and resources.

Budgeting & Scheduling

There’s an art and science to budgeting and scheduling, and ReKon has mastered it. Whether you need a complete script break down and full break down of a low budget web series or a quick one-liner and budget top sheet for a high budget feature, we can give you accurate numbers and timeline of your project.

We Specialize In: Union, non union, Los Angeles, Out of State, Feature, Web Series, One Line Schedule, Script Breakdown

Past Clients/Projects: Xia Ri Min, Glenbrook Studios, “Fear, Inc.,” “Second Best”


Finding the right actors to breathe life into your characters can be difficult, so we’ve got the support to help you out. Space to hold your audition in, help posting breakdowns or running your casting session, or providing a space for actors to tape themselves for submitting, it’s all at ReKon.

We Specialize In: Casting Space, Auditions Tapes, Casting Support, Casting Breakdowns

Past Clients/Projects: “CandyGirls”, “Ask J”


We are experts in production, so pick our brains and get our thoughts on your project. We can offer advice, recommend what to watch out for, and hopefully set you on a path to bring your project to life.

We Specialize In: Physical production, LA filmmaking, production advice, pre-production

Past Clients/Projects: “Dating Daisy”


No one wants to be stuck in “development hell” forever, but you do want to make sure your script is ready for the big screen. Whether you just need a fresh pair of eyes to read a script, script coverage, or actual development notes, we are here to help.

We Specialize In: Script Coverage, Development Notes, Look Books, Pre-Viz, Storyboards

Past Clients/Projects: “Standardized”, “7 on 10″


Locations can be just as important visually to your story as your actors, sometimes locations are a character of their own. We aren’t location managers or scouts, but having filmed hundreds of projects in Los Angeles we can point you in the right direction, let you know general costs for locations, how to negotiate with a rep, and advise/help on pulling a permit.

We Specialize In: FilmLA Inc, Film Permits, Location Advice, Location Protection, Location Costs

Past Clients/Projects: Hello Robot, Rainey Qualley

Office Facilities

Early in 2016 ReKon moved into a beautiful new office suite in Culver City. Besides the operating headquarters for ReKon, we also have flexible space available for productions, private offices, and an editing suite. Our facility is equipped with a kitchen, lobby, and conference room.

We Specialize In: Production Offices, Editing Suite, Flex Space, Conference Room, Kitchen

Past Clients/Projects: National Veterans Foundation, Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera

Accounting & Cost Tracking

Our cost tracking system is the envy of producers and coordinators, it’s our own home grown system that tracks actuals and committed costs against the budgeted. We have perfected accounting and cost tracking to keep projects under budget.

We Specialize In: Cost Tracking, Paperwork, Filing, Organizations

Past Clients/Projects: CoverGirl, Pampers

Administrative Support

Good producers need good support staff, so we’ve trained some of the best to be prepared to help producers and productions keep organized and above water.

We Specialize In: Production Support, Administrative Support, Production Office Staff

Past Clients/Projects: Reebok


With hundreds of productions under our figurative belt, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing crew people. We keep track of our favorites and know the right people for the right job.

We Specialize In: Production Crew, Post Production Crew, Vendors, All budget ranges, union, non-union

Past Clients/Projects: “Judgmental Moose”

Equipment Rentals

While ReKon has collected a room full of new and shiny gear, we know that different projects call for gear we may not have. So whatever we don’t own, we can source. We know the people to call in this town to get the best gear for the best prices.

We Specialize In: Gear Rental, Vendor Relationships, Camera, Grip, Lighting, Set Rentals

Past Clients/Projects: Big Breakfast, Lionsgate, Fuzzy Bunny

Payroll Services

ReKon has an in-house payroll service to get your production setup to pay your cast and/or crew efficiently and on time. Our processes and expertise help you save time to concentrate on the big picture.

We Specialize In: Cast & Crew Payroll, 1099s, SAG Processing

Past Clients/Projects: Pet Trap, Tilt


Producing is our specialty with the company being run by two PGA members. This really runs the gamut of producing, from line producing to creative producing to post producing, our team knows how to put a project together and finish it.

We Specialize In: Producing, Line Producing, Creative Producing, Executive Producing, Project Management

Past Clients/Projects: Sub Rosa, “A Leading Man,” “Full of Grace,” National Veterans Foundation

Production Coordinating

A good coordinator is sometimes hard to come by, but we have some of the best, trained in our systems of organization or able to quickly pick up your own. Our coordinators are highly organized and the best support to a busy production team.

We Specialize In: Paperwork, Organization, Structure, Production Office

Past Clients/Projects: “Artbound: Invisible Cities”

Show Wrap Out

Getting a show through production can be demanding and sorting through piles of paperwork after the job while preparing for your next one is daunting. Let us help you create show binders and organize all those contracts, receipts, and piles.

We Specialize In: Receipts, Wrap Binders, Wrap Notes, Organization

Past Clients/Projects: Pampers

Studio Rentals

ReKon Studio is one of the bigger divisions of ReKon, specializing in our high level of concierge service to our studio space guests. Our studio offers unique looks with our two wall cyc, brick wall, and black sound proofing, and facilitates productions with our other services such as equipment, office space, crew, and post production.

We Specialize In: Concierge Level Service, Two Wall White Cyc, Brick, Sound Proofing, Near LAX, Private Property, Support Space

Past Clients/Projects: Awesomeness TV, Al Jazeera, ABC

More About ReKon Studio


Color Correction

Our edit suite is equipped with industry standard color grading software and equipment, and we have a list of skilled and artful color technicians. We also share an office with a soon to be finished theater coloring room.

We Specialize In: Color Correction and Grading, DaVinci Resolve

Past Clients/Projects: Babiators


ReKon has an in-house editing suite and a list of amazing editors to cut your project, or step in to help during the editing process.

We Specialize In: Editing, Assembly, Polishing, Logging, Adobe Premiere, Avid

Past Clients/Projects: “The Shootout”

Online & Encoding

Once the project is completely finished, the last step in the process is getting the deliverables ready for your distribution outlets. We can online in-house, and have partnerships set up with companies who can create the assets for streaming, VOD, theatrical, mobile, or broadcast.

We Specialize In: Online Editing, Encoding, Proxies, Deliverables, Assets, Archival

Past Clients/Projects: Babiators

Post Producing

You’ve spent all your time and energy getting the show “in the can” (now on the hard drive) and it’s time to begin post production. Our post producer can build your post team and keep them on track.

We Specialize In: Post Budgeting, Asset Management, Scheduling and Post Timeline

Past Clients/Projects: “Awakening the Goddess”