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White Wolves

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Cast & Crew

Director: Sarah Koteles

Writer: Sarah Koteles

Producer: Peter Frintrup, Laura Avila Tascan

Starring: Ricky Rojas, Kat David, Harley Bronwyn Kraft, John Philbin


Production Company: LaLaLaProductions, L’Ouest, ReKon Productions

Production Type: Short Film

Location: Malibu, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Status: Festival Circuit


Josh, a surfer living a life of withdrawal due to a devastating breakup, has a strange run-in with a stranger (while surfing) who causes him to question the way he lives and whether being a lone wolf is the answer to dealing with his heartache. He makes steps to open up and venture out of his isolated bubble, for fear of ending up lonely and unhappy. However, by letting people in and meeting a new possible love interest, painful memories he’s been suppressing are brought to the surface, forcing him to deal with them head-on.

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