New Form Incubator

The Win

Cast & Crew
Executive Producer: Bryon Austin Ashley, Kathleen Grace, Jonah Green, Melissa Schneider
Supervising Producer: Matt Hoklotubbe
Producer: Jon Michael Kondrath
Writer: Andrew Rothschild
Director: Joe Weil
Starring: Montana Roesch, Jonah Green, Sean O’Donnell, Ashlee Fuss, Chris Taverez, Jordan Doww, and Don Stark

Production Company: New Form Digital, ReKon Productions
Production Type: Web Series
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed

Five college misfits, led by the inscrutable Riley, game the California lottery and win four million bucks. But when her absent father shows up and blackmails the gang for what it’s done, the group finds itself faced with an agonizing decision…At least, that’s how things appear. Because for Riley, winning the lottery was only half the con.

The Win | New Form Incubator