Short Film

The Agency

Cast & Crew Producer: Rachel Robb Kondrath, Rebecca Larsen Co-Producer: Jon Michael Kondrath Director: Samuel Schectman Cinematographer: Jay Visit Production Designers: Mio Moroe, Izzy Shu Info Production Company: W2M Pictures, ReKon Productions Production Type: Short Technical: HD (Red) Location: Los Angeles, CA Website: Synopsis Tommy Cho, a twenty-something slacker who still lives with his parents, gets a job at an elite, cutting-edge company offering a facial-scanning technology that reports the exact number of times any woman has ever been pictured during masturbation. As Tommy explores this mysterious tech, he comes closer than ever to connecting with his childhood crush. But his new-found ambition also unwittingly reverses his chronic failure with the ladies, unleashing a woman from his past who would like to prove to him that his wildest fantasies can come true.