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In Our Hands

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Cast & Crew

Producers: Peter Brunner, Jon Michael Kondrath, Stephan Wabl

Co-Producers: Medini Griffiths

Director: Peter Brunner

Cinematographer: Medini Griffiths

Starring: Seri DeYoung, Gadi Erel, Alex Castillo, Aly Barba, Dmitri Todd, Ashton Moio, Sean Peavy, Christine Kellogg Darrin, Emil Pinnock

Full Credits


Production Type: Short

Technical: 35mm

Location: Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA

Status: Completed!

Running Time: 28 minutes


“In Our Hands” is a story about redemption and illustrates the idea that the central events in our lives are ultimately out of our control.

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