Feature Film

Eat With Me

Cast & Crew
Producer: David Au, Michelle Ehlen, Joyce Liu
Line Producer: John Schrad
Director: David Au
Starring: Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, Aidan Bristow, George Takei
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Production Company: Eat With Me Productions, ReKon Productions
Production Type: Feature
Technical: HD
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed
Website: www.eatwithmemovie.com/

The award-winning Eat With Me, is a charming comedy-drama about a mother and her gay son who heal, connect and grow together as the son’s Chinese restaurant faces foreclosure. As gay chef Elliot (Teddy Chen Culver) tries to find new love with handsome blue-eyed Brit Ian (Aidan Bristow), perhaps his newly-separated mother (Sharon Omi) will find her way towards acceptance of her son as well. Eat With Me also features a terrific turn from Nicole Sullivan (TV’s ‘Family Guy’) as Elliot’s hilarious neighbor and a special appearance by George Takei (Star Trek).


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