Feature Film

Democracy At Work

Cast & Crew Producer: Dave Ciszewski, Susan Metzger, Sergio Crego Associate Producer: Jon Michael Kondrath Director: Wasko Khouri Starring: Michael Scovotti, Sean Spence, Marty Lodge, Toks Olagundoye, Matt Jones, Alex Knudsen, Anastasia Savko, Meredith Thomas, Bruno Oliver, Ed Refuerzo, Debbie Kagy, Sherrie Lewandowski, Christian Levatino, Kyle Templin, Sasha Carrera, Ericka Kreutz Info Production Company: Sand/Dollar Productions, ReKon Productions Production Type: Feature Technical: HD Location: Los Angeles, CA Status: Completed & available on iTunes Synopsis Democracy at Work is a satire that tells the story of a single day of a local political campaign in which an anonymous rumor is leaked on the internet. We follow three distinct perspectives reacting to the allegations: the campaign staff as they try to control the uncontrollable, the local media as they try to leverage the scandal for greater ratings, and an undecided voter who is easily swayed from one side to the other while barely paying attention. It is a commentary on the absurdity of the system.