ReKon was created with Production in mind and is comprised of knowledgeable producers who understand Production inside and out. Our production services consist of all aspects of Production from setting up a show-up, running it, and wrapping it out. We know the challenges that a production faces and the ReKon team assists our collaborators by handling the logistics of a show, allowing them to not worry about the details and just concentrating on telling the best story.

We can oversee a production from start to finish as a Producer, Line Producer, and Production Manager (Producing). Our producers are knowledgeable in tracking costs, actualizing against budgeted items (Accounting & Cost Tracking) and presenting all production paperwork in a concise and systematic way (Show Wrap Out). ReKon maintains a list of active freelance coordinators and staff trained in our system of production to assist with the day to day administration of projects (Production Coordinating, Administrative Support). ReKon has internal systems in place for production to run seamlessly (Production Insurance, Preferred Vendors, Payroll).

Development & Pre-Production

Ideas develop into stories and stories need to be prepared for production. ReKon understands story, and all the elements to craft great ones, but also know, how to adapt stories to accommodate production constraints while keeping the heart of the story intact.

ReKon’s team can make sure that your script is ready for the big or small screen by talking with storytellers and providing feedback (Development). We have seen productions take many forms, and can lend our years of production experience as you set out on a path to production (Consulting). While stories can be infinite, production is not, and we can create budgets and schedules that can guide creators and create a framework to move into production
(Budgeting & Scheduling). While the ReKon team does work abroad, we love our hometown and our producers understand the Los Angeles landscape and its character (Locations, Casting).

Post Production

The newest division of ReKon Productions, ReKon’s Post Production can oversee the editorial of a project – post supervision, budgeting, asset management, and scheduling – as well as the individual services unique to post production. Our Director of Post Production comes with years of experience managing editorial teams at post
houses and trailer houses.

Our in-house post suite can accommodate the assembly and editing of projects (Editing), getting the images to match and look just right (Color Correction), and getting the finished product to sound amazing (Sound Editing). Once a project is completed, our team can finalize the project and get the deliverables ready for your distribution outlets so audiences can experience your story (Online & Encoding).

Our Clients