Getting the Deets: Conducting Interviews

By ReKon Intern On Tuesday, September 30 th, 2014 · no Comments · In , , ,

Most of the interviews for Who Spent Their Summer with ReKon Productions Series have been conducted by our wonderful summer and fall Interns. Here Alyssa shares some of her thoughts on interviewing. 

Forming the perfect questions, engaging the interviewee and crafting sophisticated answers based on the responses…all in a days work when conducting interviews. But not to fear, because when interviewing someone for the ReKon blog, it means they are accomplished people who have fantastic things to say!

I first interviewed Petrie Alexandra-Williams, the founding president of Safety Harbor Kids. She not only told me about her organization, but she also told me about the production of their PSA. Mixing a passion for helping youth with a love for the arts, Petrie was an inspirational person to interview and a pleasure to learn about. I also had the honor of interviewing producing guru Justin Bell. He was well spoken and his background in production and in theology captivated me. His thoughts on production, his growth in the industry and his storytelling advice were moments of pure gold! Getting to interview these two individuals was like gaining wisdom from Yoda, Dumbledore, Mr. Miyagi, Gandalf and Morgan Freeman all at once.

Then I realized that conducting a good interview is kind of like creating a clever story because they both necessitate a beginning, middle and end. For an interview, the beginning is about researching and preparing. It is getting solid information and setting it to a professional yet exciting way of asking questions. This can be compared to “getting to know the character.” The middle section is about asking the prepared questions and taking detailed notes. We learn the who, what, when, where, why and how. The ending consists of reviewing the interviewee’s thoughts and writing up the interview. This is the interview’s “resolution” because the full story is uncovered.

written by Alyssa Bellia.