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ReKon Productions is an award winning production company specializing in providing passionate savvy producers and production teams to a wide range of projects from feature films to commercials to television and digital narratives.


We’ll start from helping you from the very beginning. Budgeting, casting, and locations. We’ve got you covered.


A member of our team will be on site at all times to make sure all proper procedures are being followed.


During the post , we’ll make sure you get the best cut of your project so we can begin looking for distribution.
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ReKon Productions believes in stories and their power to have a positive impact and influence. Our team is comprised of producers and storytellers, who embrace stories as provocative and entertaining. Through our collective experience, we provide knowledge and resources to unlock the imagination.


Our productions are a collaborative art that takes form through a multitude of genres, platforms, and media. Our strength lies in the ability to create story and execute the craft throughout the production process. Our work spans across features, narrative shorts, music videos, commercials, and online content.


By being storytellers ourselves, our producers take pride in providing our services to other productions and content creators. ReKon has amassed a wealth of knowledge and resources to utilize in collaboration with creators who need help to share their story.


ReKon Studio is a one stop location for storytellers and their productions. Our studio is designed with the independent content creator in mind - multiple looks, high ceilings, knowledgeable managers. ReKon Studio also caters to high profile productions with a private location and all-in concierge level service.

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