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ReKon Productions has teamed up with local production instructor, Alex DelVecchio, to provide a comprehensive series of workshops designed to help you understand the craft of professional video production. For the last 5 years Alex has been teaching workshops at the YouTube Space LA and has honed in on specific areas of opportunity for up and coming video creators to improve their craft. Alex dives deep into the “what’s, how’s, and why’s” of camera and lighting workflows to ensure you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals that can only be realized in a classroom environment. This is the stuff those quick internet “how-to” videos never teach you.

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How Do I Use This Camera?


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Lighting Workshop – Learn Film Lighting Techniques

One of the steepest learning curves in filmmaking is lighting. The basic concepts of lighting are fairly simple. The practical application is much different. People tend to have a basic idea in their head of what
they want something to look like but have a very hard time achieving that look.

Rather than talk about what gear you should have or how you can create low budget or DIY options, the workshop is discusses what you should be looking for when lighting. The process and the craft of lighting is a far more valuable skill to acquire. The workshop covers the fundamentals of lighting design and selection, using exposure tools to adjust and balance your levels, the relationship between your lighting and camera settings, and a lot more.

Camera Workshop – How Do I Use This Camera?

People ask “Which camera should I buy?” when they should be asking “How do I use this camera?” Any camera is only as good as the operator behind it. A $90,000 camera rig in the hands of a beginner will still look worse than a $900 camera in the hands of an expert.

The camera workshop is designed for people who are trying to get a solid understanding of professional camera operation and will cover things like manual control, the exposure triangle, lens choices, framing, shooting for an edit, codecs, sensor limitations, color profiles, and a lot more.

Attendees will get to see first hand the effects of what the techniques taught. You will see exactly what happens when we move a light or change a camera setting. And YOU get to actually practice with real equipment, rather than watching a video with someone only talking at you.

“I took lighting classes in film school, and I learned more with him [Alex[ in four hours, then I did in my lighting year 1 class.”

“Alex is a great teacher and I appreciated the hands on approach as he lit a scene right in front of us.”

“This was one of the best classes I’ve taken because: 1) the instructor throughly answered every single question regardless of the complexity of the questions; 2) there was a physical set where we were able to get hands-on experience, using various lights.”