Changing Seasons Welcome Fall Intern: Karen

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Karen RichKaren Rich has embarked on the all too unfamiliar journey to the other side of the States, where there really is no such thing as little traffic. As a senior at Ithaca College, Karen is majoring in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production. Karen decided to take on some of her other interests in the form of minors in Theatre and Anthropology. Surprisingly, she also enjoys art, playing soccer and Frisbee (decently), as well as, watching a great deal of Netflix (yes Netflix, I’m still watching after hours of content, thank you for interrupting my flow).

At home, Karen has a blockbuster size collection of DVDs and while this remains a growing hobby, she didn’t realize that this could actually lead into a career (she hopes). She believes in the power of storytelling through a visual depiction of a captivating narrative with fully dimensional characters. Karen hopes to bring all she has towards making her experience as an intern at ReKon Productions count.

One Comment on “Changing Seasons Welcome Fall Intern: Karen

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